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Dren in Dreads

A walk-through of my dreadlock journey….

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Alright folks, this was me, when I first woke up, as bare as can be. Trying to figure out what to do with all this grey I have going on? I have been growing it out with the intention of letting my natural self take over, no matter how grey that natural self may be. Also thinking this… “Maybe if I grow it out and cut out all the dark brown, it will soften me a bit? I am not as angry with the world as I use to be and no longer feel the need to live behind it’s facade. I have lived in this bubble with my dreads because I am an artist, it’s some unwritten acceptance that “of COURSE” I would do something like that with my hair… Things are slowly starting to change again, I need to remind myself daily why I personally felt the need to dread my hair. It boils down to a spiritual thing with me and that is hard for some people to understand or accept. I get it. I do get why they think it might be an excuse to just act out, but it is so far beyond that with me. There is A LOT of grey and I just have no idea if I should color it again or not?
That leads me to why I have been thinking of it… I had a ten hour class today for Real Estate pre-licensing and I am thinking of the best way to handle my hair should I decide to actually become a realtor. I am too tired at the moment to figure it out, but at least I got today’s post out!!

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It’s Day 12 and yes, I am skipping days here and there. Very rarely lately have I stopped to take a moment to myself.  This fact alone has been wearing on me, as I normally try to take the moments that I need in order to keep my head clear. That lacking of time is showing some ugly truths that I’d rather just turn a blind eye to. It’s hard for me to admit when I am getting slightly “out of control,” and even harder to then reverse my actions and do the right thing.

Luckily, my little downtown area, Kellogg Park, of Plymouth, MI has just the place for it. It pains me that I am going to have to move away from this area. I love the fact that it has the BIG open park in the middle with every shop you could possibly want within walking distance. Not to mention, if hanging out for a drink is your thing, I think there is something like five or six bars within the small downtown area, so there is no lack of socializing! Especially in the Summer, the kids and I like to spend quite a bit of time down there. The surprising thing? Plymouth is filled with wealth and yet, this city has always accepted the uniqueness with which I have chosen to live my life. There is that lack of stares and disrespect that I get most places. Can’t even explain how much I appreciate that. I definitely need to start taking more time to clear my head than I have been. There was a reason that I fell in love with this city in the first place, it brings me peace…

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Don’t want to go out in the snow….<br />
Won’t you please come be my driver?

Day 41 of my 365 Days of Dreads…. I have felt like poo and am having a hard time getting out of bed. Don’t get me wrong, I am forcing myself, but my mind and body are in an argumentive state at the moment. Trying to get all the rooms switched over and feel like I am getting nowhere. Of course I know this is silly, after all, I can look around and see how much has been accomplished. Yet, what do you do when the thought of all that still needs to be done in such a short time is overwhelming? It must be the lack of Bikram getting to me! Oh how I miss it!

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Day 35 of my 365 Days of Dreads…. I am having a very frizzy day! Trying to decide if I want to thin out my bangs a bit more and could really use your opinion… Pretty please? After being sick yesterday, I did drag myself out to catch the message at church this morning. It always entertains me that people in my church tend to go out of their way to tell me how much they like my hair. This eases my mind a bit, being that a big reason I am doing these dreads is so very spiritual for me. I am blessed to belong to such an “understanding” church, Northridge of Plymouth, MI. Even though I am in a constant battle with myself to be who I think my God wants me to be. And I think that “He” wants me to express myself to the fullest. After all, “He” created me to be perfectly me…. Many may not agree with my words or thoughts about religion, or God for that matter, but I know deep inside how very in tune I am with my spirituality and that is what matters.

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“It’s not living, what you’re doing, if it feels like dying…” -Ray LaMontagne

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Day 25 of my 365 Days of Dreads… You really can’t see them at the moment but my dreads are hiding safely behind the Lemur King. It was our day of dancing and hugs. I heard “all done” about 500 times today…

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Day 22 of my 365 Days of Dreads. My oldest, my daughter, told me last night that she is moving out… there is SO much more to the story that I can’t even process right now…. Everything just seems broken. What a process this beautiful life’ is!

I like  to see “what is happening” from the perspective of the Lemur King.  I do have to admit that this hair is more of a “controlled chaos”. I have it tied up in two different parts, though I didn’t realize they were making me look all crazy! Looks like I need to be putting a little more time into them. Maybe while I am processing…

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